Your life story. Your wishes.

All in one place.

My Life Capsule combines the ancient art of storytelling with an easy-to-use website where you can securely share your life story, your photographs and videos with loved ones. Share your critical information and write your final wishes so the celebration of your life is as you would like it.

My Life Capsule is a bespoke, private and secure platform designed specifically for your inner circle.

Because every life is a work of art.

Your life story is an invaluable gift to future generations

A place for memories

From conception, a life is nurtured, grown, shaped and tended to; it is curated.

My Life Capsule is a technology solution that paves the way for our life’s memoirs to be captured, our final wishes to be understood and for our families to be brought together to celebrate the life of their loved one. It eases the emotional and logistical burden of an inevitable part of life and creates a beautifully crafted tribute and legacy.

What’s Included

You will be guided through ‘your story’ step-by-step using type or voice recordings. Questions will prompt you to remember special moments and stories in your life, upload your favourite photos and memories and allow you to consider and record your wishes. Write ‘your story’ at your own pace, skip questions any time and complete them when you’re ready. 

Life Story

A step-by-step, decade-by-decade, guide to record your life story, your most memorable moments and milestones. (Text or voice recording). Record your favourite stories, anecdotes, tales, narratives, family legends, recipes.

Photos and Videos

Upload and label photos and videos of your most precious moments and highlight your life story in picture. 

Legacy Page 

legacy page and memory board where families are brought together to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. A tribute and legacy for your inner circle.


Write personal letters to your loved ones. Consider events such as birthdays, weddings, birth of child etc.

Personal Planning Tool

A comprehensive personal planning tool to capture your critical information in a safe and secure location for the nominated guardian of your capsule, including the location details of wills and insurances and farewell preferences. You don’t record personal financial information in your capsule, only items that will assist your family to find the informtion they may need. 

Share and Connect

The secured capsule can be shared with your inner circle anytime. Nominate a capsule guardian to manage your capsule if something happens to you. Download the content of your capsule for use in presentations or to print.

Your capsule should be a reflection of who you are!

Our Inspiration

My Life Capsule was founded by brother and sister team, Pam and Anthony Moorhouse, when they recognised the need for an easy-to-use technology solution to empower every person to capture their most precious life moments and to embrace their final wishes.

After the loss of a great man in their lives, with ageing parents and young children themselves, Pam and Anthony want to encourage family connection through the sharing of life memories and the discussion of final wishes as an inevitable part of life. Being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan and a life legacy for those we love, before it’s too late.


Start your life capsule with a 14-day free trial.

Your private capsule is just $49.95 per year. It is secure and private (all data is encrypted) and accessible to you from anywhere via computer, phone or tablet. Your life capsule will become the most meaningful application you’ll ever own.

You can share your capsule with family and friends or download your full content at any time. We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. We are passionate about supporting you, and your family, to capture and share your most precious memories.

Connections Team

My Life Capsule is simple and easy to use however, for those who’d like a little more help, our Connection Team assist individuals and families to connect to the platform and to each other.

All sessions are conducted via phone or video call.

Book your Connection Team session now.

We offer:

  • 10-minute introduction to My Life Capsule
  • 1 hour introductory session – Our Connection Team will contact you to introduce you to MyLifeCapsule and to assist you and your family to connect with the platform.
  • 5-hour Full Life Capsule Build – Our Connections Team will help you create a Life Capsule, including your life story, images (if provided), write letters to loved ones and record life wishes if desired. We recommend this service being undertaken in 5 x 1-hour sessions.

We’d love to hear from you

Starting a My Life Capsule will be a meaningful addition to your life and the lives of your loved ones. Whether you are thinking about starting your life capsule, a capsule or legacy board for a loved one or you have a business where we can add value to your clients lives; we would love to hear from you. Please leave your details below or call 1300 431 660.