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Family Connection & Organisation

My Life Capsule connects families across generations, relieves day-to-day & time-critical administration & helps manage the emotional & logistical requirements at every stage of life.

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Capture milestone moments, organise day-to-day and time-critical information, documentation and data; connect and share with family, friends and trusted providers

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Record milestone moments, health records, artwork, activities, school reports, photos and videos for your children; to be shared privately with your inner circle

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Capture precious life memories, organise and share critical information with family and trusted providers; plan for the future and stay connected with family and friends

Personal Organisation Tool

Securely record your critical & digital information; financial, legal, health, medical, education, career, travel, identity, passwords & more.

Life Memories

A step-by-step guide to capture the highlights of your life. Record favourite memories, tales, family history, legends & recipes.

Photos, Videos & Audio

Upload & label pictures, videos & audio files. Celebrate your life memories with a keepsake print, framed & delivered.

My Life Capsule Junior

Store & share your child’s precious memories, health records, artwork, certificates, school reports & photographs.

Bank-level Digital Security

Fully customised sharing & consent engine with bank-level security to ensure your critical data & documentation belongs to you.

Share & Connect

Share individual sections of your capsule privately with family, friends & trusted service providers. 

VIP Launch Access

Be the first to enjoy My Life Capsule with a 12-month FREE subscription for your family, valued at up to $300.*

💡   No more lost legal, financial, education or medical documents.
💡   No more forgotten passwords or pin codes.
💡   No more unsecured social media accounts or lost memories.
💡   No more kids artwork, certificates or school reports stacked sky-high in the cupboard.

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Bank-Level Digital Security

Through collaboration with international award-winning digital security provider Meeco, My Life Capsule provides families across the globe with the latest personal data and privacy technology with bank-level security to support:

  • Critical data and document vaults to collect and store individual users data 
  • Connections and Data sharing so individual users retain full control of their own data at all times and decide what, and with whom, data is shared.
  • Unique activity feed and personal events ledger providing an audit trail for strong assertion for fraud management, identification, authorisation, and authentication.
  • Neither Meeco nor MLC read, mine or sell personal data.

For more information on My Life Capsule’s Security-by-Design features see //

Business or Service Provider?

Are you a business or service provider that wants to humanise customer relationships with scalable client engagement to enhance the value you provide to your clients?

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Pilot Program

My Life Capsule’s pilot program has now closed. Stay tuned for the launch of our new world-leading organisation & connection ecosystem.

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