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Family Connection & Organisation

My Life Capsule connects families across generations, relieves day-to-day & time-critical administration, & helps manage the emotional & logistical requirements at every stage of life.

Celebrate the highlights of your life, share your favourite stories, celebrated family recipes & photos while recording critical information & documentation for loved ones.

Life Memories

A step-by-step guide to capture the highlights of your life. Record favourite memories, tales, family history, legends & recipes.

Personal Organisation Tool

Securely record your critical & digital information; financial, legal, health, medical, education, career, identity, passwords & more.

My Life Capsule Junior

Store & share your child’s precious memories, health records, artwork, certificates, school reports & photographs.

Photos, Videos & Audio

Upload & label pictures, videos & audio files. Celebrate your life memories with a keepsake print, framed & delivered.

Bank-level Digital Security

Fully customised sharing & consent engine with bank-level security to ensure your critical data & documentation belongs to you.

Share & Connect

Share individual sections of your capsule with family or friends, and nominate a guardian to manage your capsule if something happens to you.

COVID-19 Response

Amid the current pandemic, My Life Capsule’s pilot program is helping Australian families to stay connected.

Learn more in our Exclusive interview with Samantha Brett on Channel 7 National News.

Business or Service Provider?

Are you a business or service provider that wants to humanise customer relationships with scalable client engagement to enhance the value you provide to your clients?

For further information about My Life Capsule’s Channel Partner Platform please click here.

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Pilot Program

My Life Capsule’s pilot program has now closed. Stay tuned for the launch of our new world-leading organisation & connection ecosystem.

Already part of our Pilot Program? Access your secure life capsule below.

Our Inspiration

My Life Capsule was created by Pam Moorhouse when she recognised the need for an easy-to-use technology solution to empower every person to capture and manage life’s emotional experiences with the latest heard-led personal data and privacy technology.

After the loss of a great man in her life, with ageing parents and young children herself, Pam wants to encourage family connection through the sharing of life stories and critical information.

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We’d love to hear from you

Starting a My Life Capsule will be a meaningful addition to your life and the lives of your loved ones. We would love to hear from you. Please leave your details below or call 1300 431 660. 

Stay Connected

Stay up to date with our latest developments, including the launch of My Life Capsule Junior. You will only hear from us when we have something worthy of sharing.