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My Info & Documentation

Record critical information; financial, legal, health, medical, education, career, travel, identity, passwords +

My Memories & Family 

Capture & organise your memories & milestone moments, life lessons, family legends +

My Photos & Videos

Upload, label, organise & privately share your photos, videos, audio files +

My Life Capsule JUNIOR

Capture your child’s memories, health records, artwork, certificates, school reports, photographs +

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 10 Million Australians have no end-of-life plans


Digital Security

My Life Capsule provides the latest personal data & privacy technology with bank-level digital security by international award-winning digital security specialists Meeco.

Critical data & document vaults collect & store your individual data. With state-of-the-art Connection & Data sharing, you retain full control of your data at all times and decide what, and with whom, data is shared.

Our unique activity feed & personal events ledger is your personal audit trail for identification, authorisation, & authentication verification.

Neither Meeco or My Life Capsule will ever read, mine or sell your personal data. In fact, we couldn’t even if we tried due to our Open Source Security-by-Design features. Learn more here //