My Life Capsule Mission

We stand for something that matters

My Life Capsule has a purpose, a mission, to capture the lives of millions of people who would like to tell their story, organise critical administration and connect and share with family in the safest digital environment. Whether we realise it or not, our life is a work of art: a unique event full of unique experiences that have never occurred before and will never occur again.

We stand for absolute personal privacy. We stand for family connection.

We are authentic

We live our values, we walk the walk, because My Life Capsule is designed for us, for our family and our friends, for our community and for every human being across the globe. We are about capturing, securing and privately sharing stories of the heart. We are about making everyday tasks and life’s most significant moments easier.

My Life Capsule was founded by Pam Moorhouse. who lost a great man in her life, has ageing parents and young children herself and is determined to encourage family connection and organisation across generations. As a former emergency response specialists, she knows that being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan for those we love, right from the first moments of our lives. It is this authentic desire and genuine compassion that drives My Life Capsule’s day-to-day operations and the company’s ambitious development plans.

We never standstill

My Life Capsule seeks to combine the ancient art of storytelling with a modern technological tool that does justice to the rich and complex lives we lead.

In our ever-changing digital world, we are passionate about supporting our clients and their families, from generation-to-generation, to capture their most precious memories, information and wishes. My Life Capsule is continually evolving to find the balance between cutting edge technology design and highly accessible interfaces that require little technical know-how and make our clients, of all ages and abilities, feel comfortable.

We make the lives of our members better

Being prepared for the unexpected allows us to create a plan and a life legacy for those we love. My Life Capsule empowers every person to capture their most precious life moments. It is these stories that do justice to the rich and complex lives we lead. My Life Capsule offers a means to record the most significant events of our lives in a meaningful way and to share them with an intimate group. It’s a container for not just your stories, information and data but your most important insights, thoughts, feelings, photos and videos so that these things can become a gift to your children, your grandchildren and their children.

We have a long term view and add value to our community

My Life Capsule is a technology solution that will last the test of time. Why? Because as long as we’ve had language, we’ve had stories. And as long as we’ve had stories, we’ve had storytelling. Tales have been told around the campfire and shared over Sunday lunch. In every corner of the world, storytelling has been a powerful way to share cultural information.

My Life Capsule is the modernisation of a glorious age-old tradition, it will pass down the stories, images and folklore of our time, from generation-to-generation.

We understand our role is to facilitate relationships between family and friends. Together, however, the My Life Capsule community is part of something much bigger – a movement to capture the lives of millions of people across every generation, giving meaning to the existence of every single person from now on.